Don’t even fear fear itself.

Often times it’s not the things that we fear that trip us up in life and keep us from a fuller happiness – it’s the fear itself – fear of change, fear of inadequacy, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of pain and suffering (physical and emotional).

Look back at your life and you’ll see that your fears have a much smaller bite-to-bark ratio than you thought they did. How many times have you worried about not paying a bill that got paid or having some disease you didn’t or making a change that went off without any real hitches?

Sometimes things do spin out of control. Focus on the path you want to take and not the obstacles you are afraid of crashing into. Your path will follow your focus.

Sometimes you really are caught in the headlights. That’s the time for quick action. Don’t let yourself be paralyzed by fear.

Sometimes our fears are focused far in the future. Tackle the potential monsters in your life before they get big and hairy, while they are still weak and helpless.

And be the person whose love you deserve and you’ll have far less rejection.

The moment you feel fear arise, replace that fear with gratitude and a vision of what you really want – then go out and get it!

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