Finding your “Bee People” (or, Always bee true to yourself)

I want to share this with you. A good friend of mine with whom I often enjoy some deep philosophical conversations has coined a term – “Bee People” (people with whom you share similar passions and dreams) – based on the Blind Melon music video, “No Rain.” Let’s watch it and learn!

In the video, a little girl dressed in a bumble bee costume begins the video by doing a talent contest dance and getting laughed off the stage. As the video progresses she wanders the land doing her little dance for the strangers that she meets but she continues to get no love.

Later in the video she comes across a big iron gate leading to a field, while the singer repeats the word, “escape… escape… escape…” All of a sudden she gets this look of surprise on her face that’s priceless. Pause the video at this point and stare at that face. Drill it into your consciousness.

Cut to a flower filled field of grass where a swarm of soul mates dressed as bumble bees are dancing to their hearts’ content. Of course she runs off in slow motion to join them and presumably lives happily ever after.

The point is this: Bee true to yourself. Don’t worry if along the way people don’t “get” you or your dreams. Stay on course. One day you’ll find your “Bee People” and rejoice. That is all. Bee well.

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