Here are a few of the testimonials written by my clients.

They testify not only to my knowledge and intelligence, but to my dedication to be an integrated and welcome member of your team…

“I can always depend on Rick Schettino to steer me down the correct side when I encounter a fork in the road. In all of our conversations Rick is never at a loss for creative ideas that help with the challenges one encounters as a self-employed graphic and web designer.”

“Rick did a fantastic job as a speaker for our open house. He brings thought provoking questions and material that will expand the way in which you think about your life and the world in general. I highly recommend him as he will help you to realize what you are meant to really do!” — Rachel Connolly, Escondido Philosophical Library

“Rick Schettino delivers big business solutions for our small business. As a small business, it is easy get lost in the dynamics of the market. Working with Rick allows us to maintain a leadership position in our market without compromise. Creative and adaptive using yesterday’s experience, today’s technology and an open mind to tomorrow, Rick separates himself from the “canned” solutions. I highly recommend Rick!” — Gino Simones, Neighbors Newspaper

“Rick Schettino is very easy to work with. He has a great marketing eye and really insightful recommendations to make a project stand out. We used him for our last two projects and we would highly recommend him.” — Tapio Maki, Chairman, Smart Salt, Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Rick Schettino for the last year and a half. Rick has proven himself to be a great asset to me and the company as a whole. He’s a problem solver and often comes up with more creative and efficient ways to approach challenges. His low key personality and “can do” attitude work well in this high stress, demanding business. Rick fits in, and is well liked by everyone that comes in contact with him. I can say without reservation that Rick will be an asset wherever he goes!” — Marc P.

“Rick’s knowledge and ability is nearly unmatched in my experience. He is constantly thinking of new and better ways to tackle a project. Time and again he has suggested ways to cut down project hours through innovative thinking with an entrepreneurial spirit. He is a team player, easy to work with, thoroughly ethical and willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Given all the above, it’s easy to recommend Rick with the utmost confidence that you will be satisfied with his services.” — Michael J.

“I have worked with Rick Schettino for the past year, and during that time he has shown an exceptional work ethic. His suggestions have almost always been incorporated into the projects he works on. Rick works well with all of the people involved in the process. He is always pleasant, attentive, and very willing to do what is necessary to get the job done. It is my pleasure to recommend Rick’s services. Wherever Rick’s path takes him, I’m sure it will be done with the utmost professionalism.” — Rob P.

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